Ticnet is the leading marketplace in Sweden for events in sports, culture, music and entertainment. Ticnet is since 2004 a wholly owned subsidiary of American Ticketmaster.

Ticnet conveys about 12 million tickets / year spread over 25,000 events. Ticnet.se has 1100 000 unique visitors each month.

This means we can offer our customers a superior market power for those who want to reach the Swedish audience.

Why choose Ticnet as a supplier/partner?

We have the market power!
Ticnet is the leading marketplace for event with 1100 000 unique visitors to Ticnet.se each month.

We focus on results!
Our focus is always on your results and help increase your sales.

We have experience/expertise!
Our long experience in the ticket industry gives you security and increased knowledge.

We give you service!
We are here to help you with everything from support to sales advice.

Ticnet is a business for both large and small clients and arenas. Based on your requirements, we put together a solution for you!

Microflex is Ticnets ticketing system which is our platform.

We have extensive experience managing ticket related situations professionally. Flexibility, speed, availability and security are obvious factors for us. It should be easy to buy and sell tickets and make it profitable for our customers to use us.

Ticnet offer you as the organizer a complete solution with: ticket reservation systems, sales, distribution, payment solutions, billing, CRM and marketing.

Our solutions are suitable for most organizers within events.

Purchase & Distribution channels

Tickets can be sold in the following channels:
- Ticnet.se
- Contact center
- Ticnet outlets
- Arena

Tickets can be delivered by:
- TicketFast (e-ticket)
- Mobile Ticket
- Ticnet outlets
- Mail
- Arena

Contact us:

Sales department         sales@ticnet.se
         +46 (0) 140-672 70