Tickets delivered as pdf to your e-mailaddress for you to print. You can also download your tickets from "My Account"

You can pick up your tickets Ticnet agents all over Sweden. Please note that the rules concerning pick up from Ticnet agents may differ for different events, particularly if you chose cash or direct payment methods when booking. Your booking confirmation indicates the conditions of your particular booking.

The ticket sent to your phone as an SMS link. You need to have a mobile that you can surf with for it to work. Click here for more information.


At all events, you can choose to have your tickets sent to you by mail. Remember that it may take 3-5 working days to get them. If want to be sure to get your tickets in time, choose rather TicketFast or Mobile ticket.

Last day for pick up
Information regarding the latest pick up date for tickets is provided at the time of booking and in the confirmation sent to your email address.

Picking up prepaid ticketsDirect payments through bank
When picking up tickets, you will be asked to provide the booking number and the pin code you received when you booked the ticket. The pin code is saved under My Account View orders and can be accessed by clicking on the booking number. Prepaid tickets may be picked up from Ticnet agents and in some cases, at the venue.

Picking up prepaid ticketsPayment by credit/debit card
When picking up prepaid tickets, you will be asked to provide your booking number, identification and the credit or debit card you used to book the tickets. If the information listed on your identification does not match the information on the credit or debit card, the tickets will not be released. This procedure has been established to increase security for credit/debit card payments and to reduce the risk of card fraud over the Internet.

Last day to pick up prepaid tickets at a ATG-agent was the 31st of August 2012. Call our call center, 077-170 70 70 if you need to pick up previously prepaid tickets through ATG.

If it is possible to pick up your tickets at the venue instead of from a Ticnet agent, this information will be provided at the time of booking.

Sending tickets abroad
Tickets booked on ticnet.se may only be sent within Sweden. If you are booking from outside of Sweden, choose the TicketFast (e-mail ticket) delivery method, if possible.